Lawn Water Conserver

lawn water conserverFinding it difficult to water your lawn during long dry spells?  Contact us Now for the application of a Lawn Water Conserver.  It is the perfect treatment for you and your lawn.



Keeping your lawn looking it’s best during those long hot summer months can be a challenge. UK lawns are grown using “cool season” grass species, which are generally a hardy plant.  As the name suggests they are happier growing at cooler temperatures where there is a readily available supply of water.

During prolonged periods of hot and dry weather the root zone dries out and in certain circumstances the soil particles can become covered in a waxy coating making the soil hydrophobic, actually repelling moisture. The resulting reduction in moisture available to the plant can cause it to wilt and loose it’s colour.  The plant eventually turns brown.  An application of a Lawn Water Conserver is the perfect treatment for your lawn.  It keeps moisture within the grass root zone and reduce the amount of watering time needed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy during dry periods.

If you would like to discuss the advantages of a Lawn Water Conserver treatment, why not take advantage of the Lawnscience lawn review service. One of our fully trained lawn care professionals will be happy to arrange a free lawn review with you.  During the review they will identify any issue(s) and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us.