Lawn Weed Control

lawn weed controlAre Weeds ruining the look of your lawn? Don’t worry, CONTACT US NOW for your FREE LAWN REVIEW.  We will sort out lawn weed control for you, so you have a beautiful, lush green and healthy lawn, at a price you can afford.


With the combination of great lawn care, involving lawn weed control with the application of quality selective weed killers your perfect lawn doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore.

Lawns grow a variety of weeds, often with white or yellow flowers that distract from the green and even surface that you desire.  Regular lawn weed control is necessary to achieve the lawn of your dreams.

What is Lawn Weed Control?


Most lawn owners often just dig out any unwanted weeds by hand.  Consequently, digging alone hardly ever resolves the problem.  A small portion of the weed’s root is left in the ground,  this allows the weed to regrow.

Effective lawn weed control is choosing a selective herbicide that targets the weed without affecting the lawn itself.


Selective herbicides available on the domestic market have a regulation in place for the safe application of herbicides.  Therefore, the more effective products are being restricted to the professional market only.

DIY lawn weed killers will often be expensive and ineffective. So, all Lawnscience professionals are trained and certified in the application of quality herbicides in a safe and effective manner.  They take the hard work out of lawn weed control for you, giving you the results you want for your lawn. Most of all saving you money in the long term.

An integral part of the Lawnscience Lawn Treatment Programme is the regular monitoring of lawns for weed infestation.  As a result, the appropriate herbicide is applied to your lawn where its needed most.

Mowing correctly for lawn weed control


Each type of grass plant has an ideal cutting height. You can read more about mowing your lawn correctly here. The result of correct mowing goes a long way towards your lawn being strong and healthy, keeping weeds to a minimum.  Regular mowing of your lawn helps keep weeds down. Along with effective weed herbicides, application of correct fertilisation and regular watering.

Don’t let weeds ruin the look of your lawn. Take advantage of the FREE Lawnscience lawn review service. One of our lawn care professionals will arrange the inspection of your lawn at a time that suits you. They will identify any issues your lawn may have and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us. We will take the hard work out of lawn care for you.