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If your lawn needs help to improve its appearance, then you have come to the right place.

Our qualified and friendly professionals have been looking after thousands of customers’ lawns since the Year 2000, providing them with regular lawn maintenance services throughout the year.

We want to be your first choice when it comes to choosing a friendly and professional local lawn care company, that is why we select friendly professionals, train them well and motivate them to provide you with a quality lawn service.

You can relax knowing that a Lawnscience Lawn Treatment comes with a 100% Service Guarantee

Keeping your lawn in great condition can be as simple as maintaining its nutrient requirements by applying a regular fertilisation programme. However, there may be times when your lawn requires a little more help. Lawns can suffer from several potential problems such as a weed infestation, thatch build up, moss, fungal diseases as well as lawn and pest infestation, just to name a few.

Having a regular Lawn Treatment Programme with Lawnscience will help prevent any potential problems your lawn may develop in the future.  Our professionals will keep you updated with regard to any issues they may find and propose how these issues can be managed to maintain a healthy, lush green lawn.

As part of the process of creating your beautiful lawn we will provide a FREE and thorough scientific assessment, carefully understanding your lawn’s current condition and highlighting any issues that impact on its health.

We can work with you to provide tailor made annual treatment programmes which will meet the needs of your lawn at a competitive price……then all you need to do is just sit back and leave the rest up to us.

Choose Lawnscience for a quality Lawn Care treatment and you can feel confident knowing that your lawn is being looked after by a true lawn care professional.


We are proud to offer the largest range of lawn care services in the UK.  Whether it is a weed and feed treatment, scarification, aeration or disease control, you can rely on our treatments to thoroughly bring a lawn back to life if it has been neglected and needs help.

If you are looking to improve the appearance of your lawn, here are a few great reasons why we are confident that our team at Lawnscience is the right choice for you and your lawn: 

• We will always treat your lawn with quality products
• We will always advise you after each visit if we find any issues in your lawn that you should be aware of
• We will only provide treatments that will be beneficial and relevant to your lawn’s condition
• We will carefully apply our products in a safe and professional manner
• We will resolve any disputes you may have in a friendly and timely manner
• We will not ask you to make any payment before our work is completed or ask you to sign any contract
• We will unconditionally guarantee all of our work

Please don’t hesitate, contact us now for a free call back to receive your FREE, no obligation lawn assessment and you will be on your way to creating the beautiful lawn you dream of.

I have just paid for the recent treatment and have to say I am really pleased with the improvement after just two sessions.

Testimonial from Ian Marlow



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