Lickey Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceHave you tried to tackle your lawn to improve it in the Lickey area and been frustrated? It actually is quite common to have disappointing results for many subtle reasons.
The single most important aspect of having a good lawn is to cut it on a regular basis during the
growing season. ‘Little and Often’ is the catchphrase meaning only take a small amount off the top but twice a week is fine during the active spring growth period. This however only takes a lawn so far, as cutting grass will not improve the nutrient profile in the soil, nor will it kill lawn weeds, or remove unwanted moss. This is where we can help.
We are a locally based team who provide the correct treatments on your lawn in Lickey, so that it is lush and green all year round. To improve the nutrients a Lawn Feed is required which are granules which slowly break down in the ground over a set period providing a controlled release of feed. This has some quite amazing affects including to ensure the grass blades grow vertically even across the area and darkens the grass pigment which creates a deep green sward. The products we use cannot be bought in a store and therefore to have the best possible lawn at similar prices that you would pay in the shops for domestic versions, please contact us so we can visit for a detailed lawn survey and plan for the future.
I know that the gardens in Lickey are stony which can be an issue, but if this is causing your lawn to be patchy, we can help resolve the underlying conditions to ensure a nice even coverage of grass. Lickey can also have drainage issues, which again is a local issue and is something I can discuss with you to formulate a plan.
Please contact me so we can agree on a cost-effective treatment programme.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
Scott Harrison, Lawnscience, Lickey