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Treat your lawn with Lawnscience and watch your grass grow!

Are you fully satisfied with the current condition of your lawn, or do you have issues that you don’t know how to fix? Maybe you are looking for a service to maintain the current appearance of your well conditioned lawn without doing it yourself? Call me today for a FREE no-obligation lawn review and let Lawnscience do the work for you!

I’m a local provider of lawn care services to the area of Longparish, Middleton, East Aston, Forton, Tufton, and beyond. Lawns are living things and as such are constantly changing. Treat your lawn well and you will be rewarded by healthy grass growth that will make your neighbours jealous! This can be achieved by regular fertilisation, saturation and removing unwanted foreign bodies that will disrupt its growth (such as thatch, weeds, pests and diseases).

In your free lawn review, I’ll establish any underlying problems facing your lawn and also identify what it is you are trying to achieve. I’ll then tailor my services accordingly, for example I can provide:

– Regular treatment plans, applying Fertilisers and Herbicides to help your grass grow and keep weeds away
– Scarification / Overseeding / Top Dressing to rid your lawn of moss and thatch and re-grow thinly covered areas of grass
– Soil Conditioners to improve the growing environment for your roots
– Wetting agents to allow deeper penetration of water into the soil
– Hollow-tine or Solid-tine Aeration to oxygenate the root zone and improve drainage
– Moss control to prevent moss expansion
– Total weed killing to remove weeds from hard areas (such as patios)
– Fungal disease solutions to prevent damage to your grass

I also provide a wasp control service for the summer months.

All customers are guaranteed to receive a professional, friendly and reliable service.

For more information, or to book your obligation free lawn review, contact me today!

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Email: nigel@lawnscience.co.uk