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Are you missing a lawn care service, or maybe you are unhappy with your current provider? Lawnscience is a local company, proud to provide quality lawn care services local to the Mapledurwell, Nately Scures, Up Nately and Andwell area. It doesn’t have to be expensive….. with treatments that can be as low as £20 each! To learn more, get in touch for your FREE no-obligation lawn review.

Like all living things, lawns require care and attention in order to truly thrive. Treat your lawn with one of our regular fertiliser and herbicide treatment plans and it won’t be long before you see amazing results! Lawnscience are the experts, able to spot issues that can affect your lawn before you do, enabling preventative treatments or limiting the damage that can be done by typical lawn issues such as weeds, pests and diseases.

Call us today and we’ll provide a free lawn review, establishing any underlying lawn problems that already exist. I’ll then suggest the best treatment for your lawn to achieve the results you are after, including:

– Seasonal Fertiliser and Herbicide applications (for growth and weeding)
– Scarification / Overseeding / Top Dressing (breaking down the thatch layer to improve the root zone)
– Soil Conditioners to improve root growth
– Wetting agents to help water saturate dry soil
– Hollow-tine or Solid-tine Aeration to oxygenate the root zone and prevent compaction
– Moss control to prevent moss growth
– Total weed killing (usually for hard garden areas)
– Fungal disease resolution and prevention

I can also get rid of any unwanted wasp problems too.

It’s your choice as to how much care you give your lawn. Most customers take one of our affordable treatment plans, but I’ll let you know if your lawn would benefit from additional treatments.

To have a lawn that will make your friends and neighbours jealous, why not contact me today!

For further information, lawn advice, or just to arrange your FREE no-obligation lawn survey, give Nigel a call on 01256 213 000, text LAWN to 07970 404495 or email me on