Controlling Leatherjacket Larvae In Lawn

Controlling leatherjacket larvae in lawn

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Leatherjackets (Tipula spp.) are the larvae of the Crane Fly (or Daddy long legs). They have an elongated tubular body and can grow up to 30mm in length, they are greyish brown in colour. If you are seeing birds, especially starlings, pecking away at your lawn or notice that wild life, such as badgers or foxes, have been digging in your lawn you could have Leatherjackets living in the root zone of your lawn.

Leatherjackets can virtually destroy your lawn in weeks by eating the root system. In September you will normally see “daddy long legs” dancing over your lawn. They are not dancing but looking for a place to inject their larvae in order that they have access to a plentiful food source over Winter.

The damage normally starts to occur from January onwards when the larvae moves higher up in the root zone and starts to devour your lawns’ roots causing immediate die back of the lawn.

As soon as you have any indication of a Leatherjacket infestation it is wise to take rapid action as the damage caused by Leatherjackets can destroy an entire lawn in a very short period of time.

If you want to prevent Leatherjacket damage or you suspect that your lawn is infested with Leatherjackets just call us at Lawnscience. Our Pest Control professionals are fully qualified in the control of Leatherjackets. We will be happy to arrange one of our professionals to provide a FREE of charge, no obligation survey of your lawn. They will provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. Please Contact Us for further information.

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