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Wasps around your garden will cause problems for you and your family. To get a fast and permanent solution so you can get back in the garden to enjoy it  Contact us now, just fill in the form above or call us on  01908 504 664. 


If you have a Wasp Nest problem, don’t wait any longer, get your FREE of charge, no obligation survey carried out by a fully qualified professional, who will provide you with an immediate solution.

A Wasp Nests can be a real pain and the wasps that inhabit the nest can be dangerous too. Not only do wasps ruin the pleasure of your garden, but they can also damage untreated woodwork, including sheds and garden furniture. Their stings are painful and some people react violently to being stung with several people dying from Anaphylactic Shock each year.

In August and September, when wasps tend to build their nests, Wasp numbers are at their peak. Just one Wasp can cause many of us to run around hysterically waving our arms in the air, imagine what a whole nest could do?

At Lawnscience our Pest Control professionals are fully qualified in the control of wasps and the treatment of their nests to ensure that they do not return.

If you have a wasps next and are suffering with Wasps or other lawn and garden pests, contact us now. One of our fully qualified professionals will be happy to arrange your FREE of charge, no obligation survey, during which they will identify any issues and provide you with a fully costed solution to consider.

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