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Picket Twenty lawn care

Welcome to Lawnscience, your first step to a beautiful and hassle-free lawn!

Lawnscience specialise in using the latest techniques in lawn care to give our customers in the Picket Twenty, Picket Pierce, St Marybourne, Swampton, Stoke, Binley and Hurstbourne Priors area, weed free and healthy green lawns! We are local to Andover and the surrounding area, with treatment prices as low as £20. So, to claim your FREE no-obligation survey call Nigel today!

There are a number of issues that can prevent the development of a healthy weed free lawn. Unseasonal weather conditions, poor fertilisation and weed control, or infestation of diseases and pests are all things that can get in the way of your lawn ambitions. I have a deep understanding of the “Lawnscience” and can apply appropriate treatments and remedies to fix any issues you have and give you the lawn you have been dreaming of.

After performing a detailed examination of your lawn to identify any identifiable issues, I will provide you with a no-obligation quote of treatments and services to remedy any problems and meet your lawn objectives. All work is covered by my 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that I will provide a further lawn treatment free of charge if you aren’t fully satisfied with the results.

Some of the services I can provide are: Fertiliser and Herbicides “Feed and Weed” / Scarification and Over-seeding / Hollow or Solid tine Aeration / Moss suppression / Total Weed Kill / Application of Top Dressings / Soil Conditioners and Water conservers / Fungal disease eradication.

With Lawnscience you will receive a friendly personal service tailored to you needs, and free from pressure selling tactics.

So, get in touch today for your free no-obligation survey!

Contact Nigel on 01256 213000 or email me at nigel@lawnscience.co.uk.
Alternatively, text LAWN to 07970 404495 and I will contact you shortly