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You can take advantage of a free lawn survey and receive 50% off your first treatment.

Welcome to Lawnscience Red lodge, my name is John-Jo Carlin and I own and operate Lawnscience delivering a superior lawn care service across the area. Lawnscience aren’t your regular gardening business, we offer bespoke treatment packages for your lawn dependent on its condition.

Are you fed up with an unsightly lawn that is full of more weeds than grass, are you living in a new build and your relatively new lawn just hasn’t taken? Well I can turn your lawn in to something you will proud of and the envy of family, friends and passers-by!

Let me tell you how we do this. I am a fully trained and qualified lawn care specialist and we provide and apply the same herbicides and fertilisers that are used in the top sports venues up and down the UK at costs much cheaper than you can buy as we purchase in build meaning that dream lawn isn’t as far away as you think.

Not only do I supply outstanding lawn care services but I also pride myself on delivering high levels of customer service, I will be there when I say I will and I’ll keep you informed by giving you regular updates on your lawns condition ensuring 100% satisfaction at all times.

You can benefit from a range of services that include lawn disease control, moss & weed control, scarification, aeration, top dressing and over seeding.

So if you would like me to come and see what problems you are facing in achieving the lawn of your dreams, please give me a call on 01638 501926 or 07493 603109, or enter your post code in the “Easy Way to a Great Lawn” box on the home page.

I look forward to hearing from you.