Romsley Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceWould you like a lovely lawn to be proud of, as we can help you achieve this? If you like the idea of a great lawn in Romsley or have a lawn which you think nothing can be done with, I can help.

If you are unsure what Lawn Care means, please let me explain. Firstly, we are not general gardeners or odd job men, we are dedicated to just looking after the health of the lawned area of a garden. We DO NOT cut grass, it’s simply a treatment programme which at a basic level is a fertiliser (food for grass), weed control (kills lawn weeds) and moss treatments. I know you are able to buy DIY products for this type of activity, but they are domestic versions which means they are often not as effective as they tend to be a blend of feed, weed & moss control, whereas we use specific products for each of these areas.

In addition to these basic offerings we also provide ongoing help and advise and will suggest if the lawn would benefit from other cultural processes such as aeration and scarification. An aeration creates holes in the grass which directly help the grass roots, by removing stale Carbon Dioxide from the turf and allows fresh oxygen rich air to penetrate to the root system. A scarification removes what’s known as thatch from the turf which is made up of dead roots, crowns of grasses and is very stubborn to break down. This can effectively clog the lawn and stunt the grass growth and create brown patches as well as encourage lawn diseases.

I live in Romsley, so I know the clay soil can encourage standing water (as it does on my own lawn) and what actions can be taken.

Please give me a call on 01562 710 386 and I will provide a tailored quote specifically for your lawn and the best approach to ensure it looks as good as possible all year round.

Thanks Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Romsley