Rowney Green Lawn Care

Rowney Green lawn careWe look after lawns in Rowney Green and know that that can often be quite large and potential too much for a householder to know how to treat and when to do it. If you live in Rowney Green and area interested in a lovely lawn, then please contact your local lawn care provider to take the hassle and stress away. Lawn treatments are not to be confused with lawn mowing which is not completed by us.
When we visit a lawn for the first time, we conduct a detailed survey of the garden as a whole to take in not only the lawns current condition but the environmental aspect as well. All the various and unique aspects which form your garden play a role in the type of lawn you have and the best solution for it.
The general proposition for the way we run the lawn treatment programme is to visit 5 times per season. Each time we apply a different fertiliser which will feed the lawn with the ideal nutrients for the specific time of year and this approach is how we achieve great, professional lawn appearance no matter the size.
As part of our confidence in what we do and the products we use, we offer a 100% guarantee, meaning that should you be unhappy with the service you require we’ll retreat the lawn free of charge.
Sometimes the lawn treatments are not sufficient and it may require more major surgery such as a scarification or aeration. These cultural processes are well known but many people can be confused by the differing benefits. A lawn scarification is the process to remove dead and decaying material from the lawn to remove the ‘weight’ off it. This encourages new growth and I liken it to a heavy prune. A lawn aeration has two main benefits, the first being to remove stale carbon dioxide from the turf and allow the roots to benefit from fresh oxygen-rich air and the second benefit is removed compaction. Removing compaction allow the roots to have more space to spread and go deeper.
Even if your property has issues, such as Wasp Nests or blocked guttering – Lawnscience can help you in Rowney Green
Please contact us on 01562 710 386 or 0757 083 3000 to provide an in-depth review of your lawn and a bespoke treatment programme which is right for your lawn.