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Chafer Grubs Lawn Treatment

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During the Summer months Chafer Grubs, which are the larvae of the Chafer Beetle, can get buried within your lawn. In late Summer and Autumn they will grow by eating the roots of your lawn, which can have devastating results. Sometimes you only start to see the damage during the early months of the year when birds and wild animals attack the surface of your lawn as they attempt to eat the growing grubs.

Birds and animals are aware of the Chafer Grubs in your lawn and they see them as a ready food supply. As the larvae develop their appetite increases and you will see signs of yellowing and die back of the lawn where they have completely devoured the root system. You can test if the root system has been attacked by tugging at the grass, if it moves easily away from the soil you can be sure the root system has been eaten.

As soon as you have any indication of a Chafer Grub infestation it is wise to take rapid action as the damage caused can destroy an entire lawn in a very short amount of time.

If you think that your lawn is infected with Chafer Grubs there is a simple and easy solution, just contact us at Lawnscience and we will be happy to arrange for one of our professionals to provide a FREE of charge, no obligation, survey of your lawn. They will visit your lawn and investigate if your lawn is infested with Chafer Grubs and if it is, they will provide you with a costed solution for you to consider.

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