Stenton Lawn Care

Terry Nicholson LawnscienceHello, my name’s Terry Nicholson and I’d like to tell you why running your own lawn care Franchise in Stenton could be a great career move – and why you should choose Lawnscience as your Franchisor.

Lawnscience Lawn Care has flourished in the past twelve years, serving thousands of customers around the UK. We believe that the package our Fanchisees receive is exceptional in the industry.

Some of the benefits include:

• A comprehensive training programme that is significantly longer than the industry average, which equips them with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills they need
• A start-up marketing campaign, including targeted leafleting, Google AdWords and a website
• A software package to assist you with administrative tasks
• Their own legally licensed territory, designed to suit them and based around their location – not a pre-packaged territory they must comply with

Lawn care is a thriving market, even in the current economic climate. With hard work, determination and our constant support, you could soon be part of the Lawnscience success story – enjoying the freedom of running your own lawn care business in Stenton.

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