Tanworth-in-Arden Lawn Care

Phil Harrison LawnscienceHello, my name is Phil Harrison and I run Lawnscience Tanworth-In-Arden.

I provide a comprehensive lawn care service from eradicating weeds to fully renovating lawns that have been overrun by moss.

A regular fertilisation and weed control programme may be sufficient for the majority of lawns; however my renovation programme which involves scarifying, over seeding and top dressing is a cost effective way of saving a lawn when the only other option left would be going down the hugely expensive route of re-turfing.

In addition to the above, I also aerate lawns with both hollow tine and solid tine options available, depending on the level of soil compaction in the lawn.

Chafer Grubs and Leatherjackets are a common problem which I can help with; together with treating lawns for any fungal diseases it may pick up such as Red Thread, Rust or Fusarium Patch.

Ants are a problem in lawns, patios and block paved drives. I have a number of products that I can use not just to kill the ants that you can see but also to kill the queen and the whole of the nest – gone are the days of ant powder and boiling water!

I also kill wasp nests, with a 3 day or an instant kill depending on your requirements. Don’t let the stripy pests spoil the enjoyment of your garden this summer.

One other animal that ruins lawns are moles. I offer a no mole catching service and I can also repair the damage they have caused.

Please call me today on Tel: 0121 416 0021 or Mobile: 07917 004450 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and get started to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.