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Tavistok Lawn CareWelcome to Lawnscience Tavistock lawn care.


My name is Ray Dawes and I am your local lawn care specialist for the Tavistock area.

You’re most likely to be reading this because you want in some way to improve the health and look of your lawn. You may have already tried to do this yourself by using domestic products or are maybe you’ve just decided that you now is the time to create a great looking lawn that you can be proud of. Whatever the case, we can help you to achieve great results at a cost that fits within your budget.

There are many reasons why your lawn may not be in great condition and no two lawns are the same. To determine what treatment would work best for you, we can offer you a FREE, NO Obligation lawn assessment, from which we could recommend the best course
of action to make your lawns look green and lush.

We will also make the following 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the results you get for our work, we will retreat your lawns for FREE!

So with our No obligation assessment and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by calling us now on 01752 936 033 and arranging for one our friendly lawn care specialists to pop round and take a look at your lawn. Or you can simply enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way to a Great Lawn’ box and we will contact you to start the process.


The RHS has lots of great gardening information and advice for you here, so you can see what is going on in the garden right now.