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You can take advantage of a free lawn survey and receive 50% off your first treatment.

Hi, I’m John-Jo Carlin and I own and operate Lawnscience Saxham. I offer a professional lawn care service to Great and Little Saxham and its surrounding villages.

Are you tired of using expensive DIY products in a bid to get the lawn of your dreams, but with little or no effect? Do you have lawn pests causing problems? Or simply no time to give your lawn the TLC it needs? Then I can help!

You can access a range of services including overseeding, scarification, aeration and pest control, all starting with a free-of-charge, no obligation survey where I will visit you and your lawn, assess the problems your lawn is facing and determine the most suitable treatments to get it up to scratch. I will provide you with a detailed report, outlining all of this information, enabling you to make a decision as to which treatments you would like to go ahead with, if any.

You will receive only top-quality products applied to your lawn, bought in bulk so I can pass the savings onto you, giving you an outstanding but affordable service. I will also only provide treatments at that will really benefit your lawn, at the optimum time of year, either as one-off treatments or as part of a treatment cycle, depending on your choices. I am so confident in my services that I offer a 100% service guarantee.

So, if you need a hand with your lawn to get it lush, green and weed-free, please get in touch today.

Call me today on 01638 501926 or 07493 603109, or enter your post code in our “Easy Way to a Great Lawn” box to get started and receive our free, on-site, no obligation survey.