Woolescote Lawn Care

Woolescote lawn careIf you are interested in your lawn in Wollescote and would like it to be lush and green throughout the year, then please contact your local lawn care company to help you achieve your goals.

We already look after lawns in Wollescote and the surrounding areas such as Stourbridge, Pedmore, Lye and Cradley. We know some of the issues, including the lawn pest known as Chafer Grub and Leatherjackets and the damage that can be caused. There are other types of pest control we also help with, including, Wasps and lawn Ants. These are more seasonal issue which we advise you to look for at certain times of the year.

When we arrive at your house, we complete a detailed examination of your lawn to understand the appropriate programme of work which is required to provide you with the best lawn possible. We would not suggest any treatments without first visiting!! As a basic idea, we visit regularly throughout the year to apply fertiliser and weed control, but this is only the part of our suite of solutions for you. There are Soil Conditioners, Aerations, Scarifications, Over-Seeding, Top Dressing, Moss Control, Hard Surface weed control – the list goes on. What this allows us to do is to create a programme of work for you and what your lawn will benefit from.

Please call us and we can create a treatment programme for your lawn to ensure you have hassle free life and all you need do is cut and enjoy!

We also offer a very attractive 100% guarantee, whereby if you are unhappy with your previous treatment then we will complete your next treatment FREE OF CHARGE. We are a service company and we realise this is at the heart of our business – To provide YOU with the very best lawn we can.

Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to hearing from you bu calling 01562 710 386.