Lawn Moss Control

Do you have a problem with Moss taking over in your lawn? A moss free lawn will give you a lawn to be proud of and make the neighbours envious of.

Moss removal is key to a full coverage lush lawn. Removing the moss that is taking up valuable lawn space will then allow for grass to grow and fill-in creating a full, healthy and desirable lawn that will make your neighbours green with envy. Lawnscience provides lawn moss control as part of its treatment service.

Moss is an opportunist plant that thrives in wet or damp conditions. These conditions enable it to reproduce and when there is space available on the lawn for it to establish. Once established within a lawn, it can spread quickly by the distribution of millions of microscopic spores making Lawn Moss Control harder. The longer moss is left untreated in your lawn the longer the process will be to remove it.

I will fully inspect your lawn and the soil beneath it. This will provide you with the best solution for getting your lawn looking healthy again.

Most lawns will suffer from a small amount of moss but when a larger issue occurs it is usually a sign of one or more of the following issues.

  1. Lack of light resulting in thinning of the grass. This could be due to trees or hedges creating shade and a lack of sunlight to effectively photosynthesis. Photosynthesis supplies the nutrients required for healthy plant development.
  2. Poor soil fertility creating weak and thin grass coverage. Where the grass is thin this leaves space for moss to creep in and spread.
  3. Compacted soil resulting in weak grass due to a shallow root system
  4. Damp or wet soil caused by poor drainage. Moss thrives in moist soil. Its keep to keep moisture moving through the soil profile.

Too much Moss on your lawn may just be a temporary problem, as a result of a recent drought or heavy waterfall. If it is a more persistent problem you will need to investigate further. On new lawns, it is often down to poor site preparation.

RHS moss advice

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