North Hampshire Aeration Service

North Hampshire Aeration Service

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Give your lawn a boost with the Lawnscience North Hampshire Aeration service

Aeration is a key ingredient for a successful lawn and is a tool used by lawn care professionals across the world. So, let Lawnscience look after your lawn aeration service requirements and see the results right in front of your eyes! Call us now for a FREE LAWN REVIEW to get further advice as to your lawn’s needs and how an aeration can improve your lawn.

What is a lawn Aeration?

Aeration is the process of punching holes in your lawn between 4-8 inches deep. Subsequently, the holes help develop your grass roots which in turn lead to a healthier and better looking grass plant. Your root zone is benefitted by aeration in a number of ways:

  • Oxygenating your soil allowing microbe populations to flourish and helping to build essential root mass leading to healthier grass.
  • Creating channels which makes it easier for nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • The channels also enable water to penetrate through the surface area into the soil where your grass roots are.
  • Hollow tine aeration will also reduce compaction in your lawn, enabling your grass roots to spread further more easily.

Aeration can be done in a number of ways, but the more holes that are put in your lawn the better the results. We use state of the art mechanical equipment that can put literally thousands of holes in your lawn!

Hollow Or Solid Tine Aeration?

A solid tine aeration uses solid spikes which punch holes into the ground. This can be purchased as a one-off service, or bought as part of one of our lawn care packages.

Hollow tine aeration has the added benefit of removing soil plugs in your lawn. Therefore reducing compaction problems in your lawn, loosening your soil making it easier for your grass roots to develop to deeper depths.

How to Choose?

Lawnscience will provide you with a FREE LAWN REVIEW to help you choose the aeration which is best for your lawn. Contact your local lawn professional Nigel today, and take the first step to improve your lawn:

To ensure that you are mowing your lawn correctly please refer to our guide lawn mowing tips and keep up to date with lawn tips by viewing the RHS website.

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Supporting St Michael's Hospice
Lawnscience is proud to support St Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke, raising over £1,000 per year through our customer referral scheme.
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    Our lawns had not had any care/maintenance for many years. As a result there was more moss and weeds than grass. About one year ago...
    Mr Leggat
    Mr Leggat
    We have been keen gardeners for over 60 years and we are now extremely delighted to have found Lawnscience to take care of our lawn....
    Nigel is extremely knowledgeable of his business and gives honest, professional and friendly advice, then put in to a forward programme of treatments, to achieve...
    Nigel works hard and the results are always impressive
    Mrs Whitbread
    Mrs Whitbread
    Excellent response time, was here in 20 mins and wasp nests dealt with in a clean and tidy way. Would recommend strongly.
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    Andrew Boulden
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