North Hampshire Lawn Scarification Service

North Hampshire Lawn Scarification Service

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Does your lawn need scarification?

Excessive thatch or moss will harm the development of your grass and impact on the appearance of your lawn. As a result, the only effective way to remove these harmful additions to your lawn are through lawn scarification.

If you can see obvious patches of moss, or if you need to push through a hard layer before you can see topsoil then your lawn isn’t as healthy as it could be. Contact us for a FREE LAWN REVIEW, to see if your lawn would benefit from our scarification services.

Lawnscience will ensure your lawn is scarified properly

Scarification is a labour intensive job, and often customers are left with a job half done. Don’t risk paying for the wrong type of scarification, which could damage your lawn more than it will benefit. Lawnscience will complete your scarification to a high standard, to ensure all thatch and moss is removed. This will often mean two / three or sometimes many more passes to ensure the job is done correctly. Usually this will leave patches where the grass has been disturbed, so where necessary we will subsequently overseed the area to complete the job. We use quality seed mixes, chosen to meet your lawn type and give you the best possible results.

Don’t be tempted by a quick and cheap scarification that could cause more damage to your lawn than it fixes.

When should a lawn be scarified?

We will only scarify your lawn in the Spring or Autumn. This is because the scarification will inevitably damage your grass, and it will only recover when the grass is growing. Unlike some lawn companies looking to keep their staff busy in the winter months by completing scarifications as part of a pre-sold lawn care package, we will never scarify your lawn at an inappropriate time of year.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a layer of dead and decaying organic matter (such as grass clippings) which can be found on top of your soil. This acts like a sponge, causing issues with drainage and preventing nutrients from reaching the soil that help assist with
grass root development, leading to a poor quality lawn. It can also harbour lawn diseases that can further harm the appearance of your grass. Moss build-up can also harm your lawn in a similar way.

The Scarification Process

Scarification involves the use of a powerful motor-driven machine, driving revolving tines that scrape moss and thatch from the surface of your lawn. If only a light scarification is needed, the tines will cut between your grass blades, essentially
combing your lawn and removing the layer above your soil. For heavier scarification, it is therefore unavoidable that some grass will be removed as well. All removed waste will be raked up and removed from your lawn.

To ensure that you are mowing your lawn correctly please refer to our guide lawn mowing tips and keep up to date with lawn tips by viewing the RHS website.

Supporting St Michael's Hospice
Lawnscience is proud to support St Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke, raising over £1,000 per year through our customer referral scheme.

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So why not order your FREE LAWN SCARIFICATION REVIEW, and have a professional give you the best advice for your specific lawn. To arrange a FREE no-obligation lawn review you can fill in the contact form above,
or contact Nigel – your local lawn care representative.

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Lawnscience – North Hampshire. Servicing lawns in Andover, Basingstoke, Newbury, Hook, Fleet, Alton, Alresford and inbetween!

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