Your EASY way to a great lawn!

Your EASY way to a great lawn!


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If your lawn is not looking its best, it might be ready for a lawn aeration treatment.

I was a client of Greenthumb for many years. Recently the local franchise disappeared and they went corporate. Contact was via a call centre. Need I say more. I then found James. I can message him personally and I get an answer in minutes. He is the man. He does my lawn. Adaptable. Pragmatic. Efficient. And I have a brilliant lawn. Mr Hall.

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North Nottinghamshire Lawn Aeration provide 5-star service.

Over time, lawns can become compacted and in need of aeration. When your lawn is compacted, it means that oxygen and nutrients aren’t able to move into the soil profile. And a healthy root zone is crucial to a great-looking lawn.

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Billions of bacteria live in the root zone, they play a vital role in maintaining the health and efficiency of the root system and in order to do this they need a supply of oxygen. Soil naturally contains oxygen but over time it can be reduced due to soil settlement and compaction. Lawn Aeration creates tiny channels in the root zone allowing oxygen to circulate and refresh the beneficial bacteria. The healthier the root zone, the healthier the lawn.

Here at Lawnscience, your local expert lawn care provider, we will use our years of lawn care experience to get you the lawn of your dreams!

Starting from just £25 – your affordable and easy way to a lush lawn.


Application of the correct, seasonally balanced fertiliser, is essential to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn. Throughout the year lawns need different nutrients to help various processes take place. Lawnscience provides lawn fertilisation applications throughout the year as part of its annual treatment programme. You can book an annual plan tailored to your lawn and budget or a one-off application. Chafer Grubs in lawns are a pest!

Weed Control

Don’t worry, we can sort out lawn weed control for you, so you can have a beautiful, lush green, and healthy lawn, at a price you can afford. With the combination of great lawn care, involving lawn weed control with the application of quality selective weed killers your perfect lawn doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore. All of our Lawnscience professionals are qualified in the application of herbicides and fungicides, therefore you can be confident that we will apply these products in a safe way.

Moss Control

Moss is an opportunist plant that thrives in wet or damp conditions. These conditions enable it to reproduce and when there is space available on the lawn for it to establish. Once established within a lawn, it can spread quickly by the distribution of millions of microscopic spores making Lawn Moss Control harder.

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