It is an area of lawn management which can be quite damaging if not completed at the appropriate time of year, however, when undertaken correctly it is extremely beneficial and renovates the whole lawn.

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What is Lawn Scarification?

Put simply it is the removal of dead or decaying material in the *thatch layer of the lawn and removal of unwanted moss.
*The thatch layer lies between the ground and blades of grass and provides and a natural barrier to protect the grass plant. However, too much thatch will stifle growth and create a breeding ground for fungal lawn diseases, so proper management is very beneficial for the lawn health.

Types of Lawn Scarification ..

We offer three types of scarification work, at two different times of the year.

1. Light Scarification – this is when the thatch layer would benefit from thinning out, but the sward is otherwise healthy and acts as a preventative measure to avoid any more major surgery.

2. Heavy Scarification – this is where the thatch layer is thicker and restricting normal lawn growth.

3. Scarification with over-seed – this is required when the grass density is quite low on the lawn which could be down to dead or thin areas due to high thatch or moss dominating. This is sometimes known as a Lawn Renovation.

Timing ..
The timing is an understated aspect as scarification should be completed when the lawn is actively growing but there are good levels of moisture. This ensures the lawn is in the best place to recover well and speedily from the work. Therefore, we complete his activity in the spring or autumn.

To ensure that you are mowing your lawn correctly please refer to our guide lawn mowing tips and keep up to date with lawn tips by viewing the RHS website.

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