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Beautiful lush weed free lawns, without the hassle!

Have you ever looked at a neighbour’s lawn and wondered why you aren’t able to get the same results? Lawnscience is a new lawn care service offering a range of lawn treatments to customers in the Alton area at affordable prices. Book your FREE no-obligation lawn review today.

In recent years we have experienced extremely hot seasonal weather, causing stress to otherwise healthy lawns. Bare lawn patches have started to be filled with faster-growing weeds.

Maybe you have tackled some of these issues yourself with limited success, or maybe you just would you like an expert to keep your lawn in great condition at an affordable price? I am a local business providing lawn care services, specialising in the creation of beautiful lawns using the latest available products and methods, essentially doing all the hard work for you. After a free, no-obligation lawn assessment I will provide you with a quote to provide you with the most relevant treatment specific to your lawn. There are many issues a lawn can face, and I can remedy this through a range of treatments including:

– Application of Fertilisers and Herbicides
– Total Weed killing
– Top Dressing application
– Scarification and Over-seeding
– Aeration (Hollow tine / Solid tine)
– Moss control treatments
– Fungal disease treatments (e.g. Red Thread / Fusarium / Ophiobolus Patch / Dollar Spot / Toadstools and Fairy Rings / Lichen / Algae)
– Application of Soil Conditioners and Water conservers

I also provide a wasp nest resolution service.

Extreme weather conditions, disease or pest problems might require a full lawn makeover. Our skilled technicians will review your lawn and recommend the most appropriate level of renovation for your lawn. With Lawnscience you will receive a personal attentive service, where I suggest services for you that you can buy on a treatment by treatment basis, or buy our annualised lawncare plan for longer-term results.

Get in touch today and take the first step towards a beautiful lawn and be the envy of your neighbours!

For any further information, lawn advice, or to arrange a FREE no-obligation lawn survey, text LAWN to 07970 404495, give Nigel a call today on 01420 398000 or email me on