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Take advantage of a franchise opportunity and be your own boss and decide how much you earn?

Be your own boss, take control of your lifestyle, and decide how hard you work and how much you earn. Work…but on your terms.

lawnscience franchisee opportunity

Many people, just like you, are realising that there is another way to make a good living. They may be tired of working for others, tired of never reaping the full benefits from their efforts, or simply worried about trusting their family’s future to a faceless company that could easily make them redundant when they decide to downsize. They are understanding the franchise opportunity.

These people are discovering that there is a better way to earn a good living, where they are in control. A new way of working, where they decide when they take time off and how hard they work. A new way of working, where they have real control over their earnings.

If this might be what you are looking for, read on.

This new way of working is simply cutting out the middle man, your employer, and working for yourself, on your terms. Running your own business provides a useful and needed service for a massive and rapidly growing market.

Initially, some people can find this idea a little daunting, which is understandable. Most people have never worked for themselves before. However, there are hundreds of people, just like you, who have discovered this is a better way of working.

Is it for you? Business ownership is not for everyone, it does involve work! We carefully vet potential colleagues to make sure that they have the drive and aptitude to succeed.

Lawnscience can provide you with the opportunity to make the move into self-employment, but only if it’s right for you.

a Franchise opportunity allows you to build a customer focused business

At Lawnscience we provide a lawn care service to domestic customers, it’s a great business model and has really changed the lives of those who have made the move into self-employment, listen to what they think here.

The lawn care service we provide to our customers provides our colleagues with year-long residual income. It’s an annually renewing service, therefore if you provide good service the customers you acquire will stay with you for several years allowing you to continually grow your business.

Now don’t worry if you’re not a lawn expert, or have no experience of starting and running your own business. That is where we come in, Lawnscience has a proven track record of helping people with no previous experience of lawn care or of running a business and training and supporting them until they own and operate a successful business, and we can do it for you.

A little about bout the Lawnscience story

Terence Nicholson offers a franchise opportunity

Lawnscience started life as a small lawn care business in 2000. Terry Nicholson had been made redundant for the second time and had lost faith in allowing others to control his future and his future earnings. He’d never run his own business and was no lawn expert, but he believed with good training he could make a better job of managing his future.

The early days were tough as Terry Nicholson learned the tough lessons of starting his business in a new sector. The Lawnscience method was developed over ten years and today Lawnscience is represented throughout the UK by business owners who run their own businesses, with the help and support of Terry and his team. Learn more about what we do here.

A new start, your own successful business for a low investment of £21,454 plus VAT.

Becoming your own boss is something that many people like the idea of, but are uncertain about the potential of success to attempt. That’s why Lawnscience is going the extra mile to provide a lawn care franchise that offers you the opportunity to build and grow your own business far more easily, with fewer risks with our professional support.

And at the Low, Low cost of only £21,454 plus VAT, the lowest startup cost in UK lawn care, which means you will quickly recoup your initial investment.

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What Are the Benefits of a Lawn Care Business?

Lawnscience Franchise opportunity
  • You’ll own your own business, be your own boss and earn a healthy profit margin
  • We’ll work with you to create your own extensive and protected business territory that’s exclusively yours to work in
  • You’ll earn cash in the first month of starting your business
  • Earn reliable income throughout the year
  • Work within an ever-growing market
  • Work outdoors, get fit, and avoid a dingy office environment and the long drive to work each morning
  • You’re in control of your own business! Need a day off? Want to work more hours? You’re free to do so!

Our Franchise Package includes:

  • Help and advice with required insurance and administrative setup
  • Access to our efficient accounting software package to help you keep up to date with payments and invoices
  • Customer service training, letting you grow a reputation for outstanding service and gaining you reliable work through word-of-mouth marketing and repeat customers
  • Marketing training and software, plus your own optimised Lawnscience websites
  • An operations process, helping you find and maintain a reliable and profitable schedule of work and keeping up to date with stock handling
  • Training on how to become a lawn expert and how to maintain a lawn, regardless of the state it’s in
  • Advice on accounts and setting you up on the most efficient form of tax
  • Regular phone calls to ensure you’re supported effectively when starting out

Is there a catch?

picture of Patrick a lawnscience business owner who took advantage of a franchise opportunity

No. We’re offering this training, support, and marketing franchise opportunity to grow our own brand across the country by supporting you in breaking away from a regular 9-5 job and becoming your own boss. After all, that’s where Lawnscience started.

If you’re unsure about a certain aspect of the franchise business, please feel free to call or contact us and we’ll talk you through it just Call 01908 504 664.

You don’t have to take our word, we have many successful colleagues who will be happy to share their stories with you when you are ready.

All you have to do is click on the orange “Download a Prospectus” button below and we’ll rush a prospect to your inbox detailing the process from start to finish. This is a 100% no-obligation process.

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The RHS is the world's leading gardening charity.

Lawnscience supports the RHS through annual charitable donations

I wanted a franchise that would afford me the lifestyle I was looking for and give me a good work / life balance. I knew that I was going to work hard, but the one thing that was important to me was the flexibility to manage my own time. I am now working harder than before, but I am able to spend the quality time with my family that I have missed out on for so many years.”
Matthew Allcott See more reviews
Matthew Allcott See more reviews

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    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
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    Nigel Bishop See more reviews
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