Barnt Green Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceIf your lawn is in need of renovation or recently laid in Barnt Green then we can help keep it looking as good as new or encourage your existing lawn to improve to a high standard. We offer a Professional service to manage your individual lawns need so that no matter the condition we would love to look after it for you. For over 8 years we have managed lawns in Barnt Green so are familiar with the difficulties which can arise from the stoney based ground on the slopes of The Lickey Hills coupled with the beautiful mature trees lining most of the road and gardens.
As you probably know Moss is dominant in areas with high shade and as such many lawns are in constant attack which is why one of our annual treatments is for moss control. We have other processes to tackle moss depending on the density which could be to mechanically rake it out using a Scarification machine and then sow fresh lawn seed to replace the area vacated by moss.
As such we can repair lawns in almost any condition to be lovely and healthy, for much less than an expensive re-turfing job, especially if it is a large area like many gardens can be in Barnt Green.
One of the common comments from our existing customers is when they tried to apply a treatment themselves how difficult they found it. The tool was cumbersome and dropped too much product on the lawn and before they realised it the lawn has had a ‘too high’ dosage and the area died off and had to be dug out and replaced.
No matter what size of lawn you have, we can help provide you with a lawn you can be proud of as the actions taken are based purely on your lawn and what is best for it.
If you are interested in a free quotation, please contact me on 0757 083 3000 or 01562 710 386 to
discuss your individual requirements.
Many thanks, Scott Harrison Lawnscience Barnt Green