Blackheath Lawn Care

Blackheath lawn careWe provide an all-year-round lawn care service in Blackheath (Midlands) and the surrounding area such as Quinton, Ridgacre, Hurst Green and Haden Cross. The products we use are completely safe for children and pets and you may be surprised to learn that we can be cheaper than using DIY products. We do not offer a grass mowing service – our job is to give you a lovely lawn, so all you need to do is cut it!

All our treatments are applied at the correct times of the year and are designed to provide a lush green lawn all year. The way we work is to ensure the correct fertiliser (lawn feed) is applied in the right volumes. We’ve seen many examples of lawns which have been scorched, which means killed by overdosing on lawn feed. You have to be very careful it’s not only applied the correct quantities, but the correct blend of minerals is used for the time of year the feed is applied. There are many different feeds and it can be quite confusing knowing which one to choose when they all can claim outstanding results. This is before we even start thinking about weed and moss control, which also have to treated but when’s the best time?
Please contact us and we’ll be happy to visit for a no obligation FREE survey to recommend a treatment programme designed for your lawn.
We can take away all the headaches away from you, by applying the finest professional products at DIY prices.
If you require more work on a lawn we could also Scarify, Over-seed and Aerate lawns which give lawns a well-needed boost if they have gone a prolonged time without any major work.

Please call us for our FREE no-obligation survey and please note that our work comes with a 100% guarantee so if you are unhappy, we will re-treat FREE OF CHARGE.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you have a great lawn – all year round.

Please call us on 01562 710 386.