Bournheath Lawn Care

Bournheath lawn care

If you experience any lawn issues in Bournheath, then we will be able to help you as we provide a season long Lawn Care service. What’s Lawn Care? Well, firstly it’s not grass cutting – a basic description it’s applying a feed and weed control. This doesn’t do it justice as we use professional products which are used in sports grounds and golf courses and cannot be purchased by the general public. We visit throughout the year with the sole aim of ensuring your lawn is looking great all year.
As you know from recent years, the weather of late is becoming more and more unpredictable and we need to be nimble with our approach to ensure that the best product is applied to the lawn at not only the specific time of year but that it also is appropriate for the weather conditions.
If you were to manage this yourself it is very difficult as although products will say when they should be used, they will not be able to know if the conditions were correct and that is where problems can arise. It is quite simple to overdose a lawn with a product which will then burn the grass and kill it – a lot like how urine from a puppy can kill grass.
The treatments we apply are not harmful to children or pets and are applied at the appropriate time of the year providing the best results possible.
We cover a wide range of lawn issues and all sizes of domestic lawns, so even if your lawn is very large in Bournheath it is still able to benefit from our treatments.
I would like to hear from you and can be contacted on 0757 083 3000 or 01562 710 386 to discuss your own lawn, so we can create a lawn care programme to give you the best possible outcome.

Scott Harrison, Lawnscience Bournheath