Chaddesley Corbett Lawn Care

Scott Harrison LawnscienceHave you ever wondered why the treatments you apply to your lawn seem ineffective or short lived? Well I can help you with that question, as you have probably been using off the shelf products bought from your local DIY centre. The reason they are less effective then you hope is often they are trying to do too many things in one treatment bag and are difficult to apply the dosage correctly with the tools provided. One of the other issues can be in choosing which one to buy as lawns have a changing growth pattern throughout the year and to get the most out of them, they require
different nutrients at different times of the year so that they don’t try and grow aggressively in late autumn, but can be more robust during the drier summer months.
We offer a Professional Lawn Care service in Chaddesley Corbett which is not to be confused with Lawn Cutting or General Gardening, we specialise in the treatment of lawns with the clear aim to give you a lawn to love every month of the year. This is very tricky as our changeable weather and different environmental conditions our lawn face means that each lawn is different and should have a company managing the programme for you and to recommend what actions are required to keep your lawn looking it’s best.
If you would like a locally based company to help you improve and maintain your lawns condition in Chaddesley Corbett and be reassured we only apply the correct products at the correct time of the season then we can help!
If you live in Chaddesley Corbett and are interested in free no obligation quotation, then please call me today 01562 710 386 or mobile 0757 083 3000 and we can get you on the road to a beautiful lawn.