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We look after lawns in Cradley Heath and you may be surprised to learn that the price can be cheaper than buying DIY products. This is because we buy in bulk and can pass on the savings to our customers. It’s important to note, we do not offer a grass cutting service – this is a Lawn Treatment offering.
The way we work is to visit you several times per year to feed the lawn with a high-quality fertiliser which is known as a Controlled Release Fertiliser. This feed over time provides all the nutrients your lawn requires to help it grow much stronger, greener and thicker than it would otherwise do without help. When we feed the lawn, it is always a blend appropriate for the particular time of the year, as grass grows differently each season so requires different nutrients. A weed killer, known as a Herbicide is also applied which kills all lawn weeds and we can then keep on top of any new weeds which may appear each time we visit.

No matter the size of the lawn in Cradley we can help give your lawn the boost it may well need to create a much more inviting garden to enjoy. We already look after lawns in your area including Hasbury, Haden Hill and Halesowen.

All our products are allowed for pets and children, so you can rest easy and know that the professionals are on the case!!

We also complete a diverse number of other work on lawns ranging from Chafer Grub and Leatherjackets (Daddy Long legs) which can cause huge problems to lawns as the grubs attract wildlife which in the worst case scenario dig up the lawn – to Aerations, Scarification’s, Over- Seeding, Lawn Ants, Wasp nests and mole control!

Please contact us to provide a FREE survey. We only ever recommend work which will benefit your lawn and our technician completes a review each time we visit to ensure we understand the ever-changing lawn throughout the year and the benefits that our service offers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please call 01562 710 386 or 0757 083 3000.

Thank you for your time.