Edgbaston lawn care

Edgbaston Lawn CareThank you for visiting us today. We provide a lawn treatment service for domestic lawns in Edgbaston and the surrounding area of Harborne. This should not be confused with a lawn mowing service, but a treatment means we apply a fertiliser which is a feed for your lawn and weed control to kill all varieties of weeds.
The way we work is to visit your lawn and complete a detailed assessment of the lawns current condition and the surrounding environment. The lawn could be recently laid or very old, it doesn’t matter as we have a solution for all lawn types and sizes. The local issue we notice in Edgbaston is around the shade, due to the high number of beautiful trees which create lots of shadow and leaf fall.
We need to be aware of this when planning the jobs and as such work around the local requirements.
The products we use are not available to buy in shops or online as they are for professional use meaning the same materials are used for sports grounds and golf courses.
We use controlled-release fertilisers which manage the feed over many weeks, so the lawn grows uniformly and even across the whole area. The type of feed differs as the year changes, so we only ever use what is correct and most beneficial for that specific season.
We know Edgbaston can tend to have large areas, which is fine for us to manage as we have the scale to treat all sizes of lawns.
Due to popular demand, we also help with other issues around your property such as patio and driveway power washing, Summer Wasp nest treatments, Lawn Ants and Winter Gutter Clearing.
Please see our 5* reviews on Google to show how we’re thought of by our customers and we’d love to have you on-board to give you the lovely lawn you deserve.
Please call us on 01562 710 386 or 0757 083 3000 and we’ll visit to assess the current conditions and provide a no obligation quotation.
Thanks once again for visiting us.