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Esher lawn careWelcome to Esher lawn care. We are your local lawn care company, offering you reliable, quality Services and Treatment Programmes so you can have the lush green and healthy lawn you dream of.

When you contact us we will offer you a FREE no obligation lawn survey by a local lawn care professional to you. Contact us NOW if you want a beautiful, healthy and lush green lawn. We will get back to you quickly so we can arrange a time to visit you and your lawn that is suitable to you. When you receive your FREE lawn survey one of our professionals will visit you and inspect your lawn’s condition. The will advise you of any issues found and discuss a fully priced solution for you to consider.

You can rest assured that Esher lawn care Services come with a 100% Service Guarantee…….if you are not satisfied with our lawn treatments we will re-treat your lawn for FREE

There is no need to put up with nuisance weeds, thatch or moss that is ruining the look of your lawn. If you just don’t have the time or knowledge on what to do to eradicate these nuisance problems then JUST CONTACT US. We have local experienced lawn care professionals to you, who will visit your lawn and identify these issues and provide you with the best solution possible. When we visit your lawn we can also inspect it’s condition and identify any other problems it may have, such as infestations of lawn pests or diseases such as Rust, Fusarium and Red Thread.


A FREE No Obligation Lawn survey
A Reliable and affordable services
A Friendly, local experienced lawn care professionals
A 100% Guaranteed Service
A speedy response and solution to your lawn issues

Do you suspect there is Lawn Pest infestation in your lawn? Have you noticed increased activity on your lawn by birds or other wildlife?

There are two types of lawn pests that will cause damage to UK lawns. These are Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs. There damage should not be underestimated, it can be devastating to your lawn. Both of these Pests will cause similar damage to your lawn. They cause damage by eating through the roots of the grass, your grass will then die off leaving pale straw coloured patches on your lawn. These patches will get bigger on a daily basis as the insect devours the roots of your lawn’s grass plants. If you get down to the lawn’s surface and give your lawn a tug, it will come away easily and your lawn will need to be replaced, which can be a costly experience.

We can discuss a preventative treatment that will avoid such awful damage to your lawn. So, if you see an increase of bird or wildlife activity on your lawn DON’T HESITATE CALL US RIGHT AWAY.

We believe that Preventative as well as Curative lawn treatments will avoid expensive repairs to your lawn.

Sometimes lawns can look unhealthy and a little tired. This is usually due to a lack of essential nutrients in the soil. If your lawn has an Aeration treatment, it will be one of the most beneficial treatments it has. We have carried out thousands of Aerations for our customers’ lawns and it always gives a new lease of life.

It isn’t good enough just to perform regular mowing, fertilising and watering for your lawn. It is the condition of the soil beneath your lawn that needs attention. There are billions of live beneficial bacteria living in the soil and it is these beneficial bacteria that are essential for the health of the grass plant. The Aeration process will inject oxygen into your lawn’s root zone, resulting in a stronger and much healthier root structure. We do this by driving thousands of small holes into your lawn’s surface that will allow fresh oxygen to get right into the grass root zone. There are two types of Lawn Aeration, solid core and hollow core. Your local Lawnscience professional will be able to test your lawn and then advise you on what the best option is for it.

You can see more about Aeration and other beneficial treatments for your lawn here such as Scarification and Over-Seeding

We don’t want you to settle for anything less than a lawn company you can trust and rely on. We know it is important for our customers to feel confident that we use the best equipment and products on their lawns. We pride ourselves on being the best for our Customers and will ensure your get a lawn that is lush green and healthy.

We always treat our customers’ lawns individually, because we visit thousands of lawns and know they are not all the same. There are all types of soil conditions to deal with as well. Your local professional will only treat your lawn with products that benefit your lawn and always at the right time of the year, which is very important. Your lawn will be in great hands because we have the knowledge to effectively deal with all types of lawn conditions and issues.

If you have been using DIY lawn care products that may be costing you a lot of money, effort and time, and are proving to be ineffective, then STOP. Contact us and you will find our treatments often cost far less than ineffective DIY products and we know how to handle herbicides in a safe and effective way.

We want all of our customers to feel confident that they will receive a high standard of service with expert care and advice for their lawn. So, whether your lawn has a One-Off Treatment or has a beneficial yearly Treatment Programme, we will always work with you and your budget to ensure you receive the best looking lawn possible. Don’t worry, there won’t be any long term contracts to be tied into either.

Please take a look at Esher Lawn Care Treatment Programmes and choose the best option for you. Just click on any of the links below:


If you need help deciding what option to choose, just call us and we can offer you some great advice. Whatever Treatment Programme you choose you will get the best help with issues in your lawn such as a Garden Pest infestation, Moss control, Weed control or Lawn Diseases, Poor Soil Condition and much more.

If you have come out to relax on your Patio with friends and family you may have noticed that it isn’t looking its best and needs some work. Often Patios, or other Hard Surfaces such as Pathways and Driveways are disappointing to look at because of persistent weeds that spoil them. Don’t worry….we have the solution for you. Our Total Weed Control is a strong commercial, herbicide that is applied in a safe way and will kill even the most stubborn of weeds. This can be used on other hard surfaces such as your Pathways and Driveways.

We can also give your hard surfaces a wonderful new lease of life with our Professional Power Wash. Your home and garden will be enhanced with these great services.

Please call me today on Tel: 01932 660033 or 07967 226517 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way to a Great Lawn’ box and get started to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.


For some great advice and information on what is happening in your garden at this time of year, just click here to go to The RHS Website.