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Halnaker lawn care Welcome to the home of Lawnscience Halnaker Lawn Care. We provide you, the proud lawn owner, with a bespoke, specialist lawn care service. We service Halnaker and the towns and villages in the surrounding area, such as Boxgrove, Tangmer, Eartham and Goodwood.

Our lawn care professionals are passionate about their job and they love transforming the lawns of customers who may have given up all hope of their lawn ever looking lush, green and weed free again.

We encounter a lot of lawn owners who have become totally disillusioned with the products they purchase in the shops, finding them expensive and ineffective. Because of our lawn care qualifications we are able to use treatments that are far more powerful and effective than the proprietary brands.

Despite using a professional to carry out your lawn care the price compared to the shop products is very similar but far more effective.


Halnaker Lawn Care Services Come With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Take advantage of a FREE no-obligation lawn survey. When we visit you and your lawn we can assess its health and condition and advise you of any issues found. Your lawn will be checked for lawn diseases such as Red Thread and Fusarium as well as having the soil composition and root ball health measured.

Halnaker Lawn Care Professionals offer a wide range of Services…..please just click here to see more information.

Lawn Moss, Weeds and Moss are just some of the nuisance lawn issues that will be dealt with effectively by us.

Don’t let lawn pests such as Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs destroy your lawn contact us before it’s too late to save your lawn!

We will take the hard work out of lawn Scarification and Aeration for you.

You can rest assured that Halnaker Lawn Care Professionals offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all our services, so you can have complete confidence in our products and treatments. If you are not totally satisfied with our service we will re treat your lawn for free.

Make sure your lawn isn’t the only one in your neighbourhood not receiving the specialist lawn care treatment by Halnaker Lawn Care, phone us today on 01243 858 244 or 07795 236174 to receive your FREE, no obligation, on-site survey of your lawn. Alternatively you can insert your postcode in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box. Join the long list of Halnaker Lawn Care converts.


The RHS has some great gardening information and advice for you at this time of the year…..just click here to find out more information.