Hunnington Lawn care

Hunnington lawn careWe provide a bespoke lawn care treatment programme which is tailored to match your requirements in Hunnington. Lawn Care has an aim to provide the best possible lawn for you by applying fertilisers, controlling lawn weeds and moss. We are not a general gardening company or grass cutting and as such if you already have someone who comes to complete this work then we do not interfere as it is quite specialist and we use products not available in shops.
We’re based just up from Hunnington in Romsley, so are fully aware of the soil type and some of the flooding issues that have occurred and can apply treatments to help the lawn recover quickly from such issues.
Lawn aerations are particularly beneficial in Hunnington and customers in this area have commented on what a difference this has made.
Due to customer demand, we also offer a more bespoke issue as we deal with mole control as I know with the larger lawns, facing onto open fields these can be affected by mole infestations and can cause real damage to the lawns.
We also offer a full range of ancillary services which customers have asked for, such as Driveway and Patio power washing, including re-sanding. In addition, we also offer Gutter Clearance whereby we vacuum our debris from the gutters to ensure they are clear of litter and perform as designed saving you the financial headaches from the costly repairs.
The ongoing lawn treatments are made up of four main components, being a high quality, professional fertiliser, a weed killer which kills all varieties of weeds, moss control and soil conditioners which are ideal for root health.
As I mentioned we are locally based and look after lawns of all sizes in the rural areas, of Hunnington, Romsley, Clent, Belbroughton, Fairfield for many years.
If you are interested in a lush green weed-free lawn, no matter the size then please contact us to take away the hassle of using DIY products which are not as good as the professional treatment we apply.
All our work comes with a 100% guarantee!!
If the lawn requires more attention, we also offer additional treatments, such as Scarification, Over-seeding and Top Dressing. This is alongside a review each time the lawn is treated and can identify issues such as grub damage or lawn diseases.

Please call us on 01562 710 386 and we’ll complete a lawn survey and a no obligation quote.