Marlbrook Lawn Care

Marlbrook lawn care
We provide a year-round lawn treatment service in Marlbrook and the surrounding area. Certain
properties in Marlbrook can be susceptible to flooding and we have customers affected by this in the
past, but with a proven professional treatment, the lawn recovers perfectly. Lawn Care is the title
given to treating lawns with feeds, moss and weed control so all you have is lush grass forming your
lawns and not a three-way split, of grass, weeds and moss! We do not offer lawn mowing, as our
aim is that we’ll look after the lawn condition and all that’s left is to cut.

We look after lawns in the local area of Marlbrook, including Lickey, Barnt Green, Catshill, Blackwell
and Burcot. As you know most of these areas fall downstream of the Lickey Hills and can suffer
from excess rain at peak times and very stony soil profiles.

When we visit your property for the first time, we consider the environmental issues which may
affect the garden to ensure your lawn was the most appropriate treatments at the correct time of
year. Our fertiliser, for example, are blended to be applied at a certain season so the nutrients
provided are ideally suited for the best results. Therefore, we change our products throughout the
year. It can be very difficult to know which DIY packs to use when they all claim superb results, let
alone that it could be the wrong time of year. If a lawn received too much or the wrong blend of
feed this can result in burning or straggly growth which will send the lawn backwards!!

Please contact us to provide an in-depth analysis of your lawn and we’ll suggest a bespoke treatment
programme for your lawn.
We offer additional services, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee such as lawn aerations,
scarification, Over-seeding so that no matter the condition we can provide a lovely year-round lawn.

Please, would you call me on 01562 710 386 or 0757 083 3000 and we’ll arrange a suitable time to
visit? I look forward to seeing you.