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North Mundham lawn careWelcome to of Lawnscience North Mundham Lawn Care.


We are your local provider for specialist lawn care services. We transform lawns for residents of North Mundham and the surrounding towns and villages of Chichester, Merston, Hunston, South Mundham and more.

Our customers are always pleasantly surprised when they see the results of your work. Their lawns that were just a mass of weeds and moss and acting as a feeding bowl for the local bird life have been restored. They now have a lush green lawn to be proud of.

If like a lot of people, you have given up with ineffective products found in your local DIY stores. Perhaps you are thinking your lawn would never look good again. Don’t worry! North Mundham Lawn Care Professionals are here to help. Our professionals are fully trained in lawn care and certified to safely apply herbicides to your lawn. This means we have access to stronger, more effective treatments and products than those found in the shops. These products are available to treat weeds and moss as well as diseases such as Red Thread and Fusarium. We also treat lawns for pests such as Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs.

Feel Confident Knowing North Mundham Lawn Care Offer 100% Satisifaction Guarantee


Why not contact us for your FREE NO-OBLIGATION LAWN SURVEY? We will arrange to inspect your lawn at a time that suits you. We will assess the condition of your soil, lawn and grass roots, so we can advise you of any issues. You will receive a cost effective lawn care treatment programme for your lawn.

Choose from either a one off treatment for a minor issue or a more effective, long term programme of treatments.

Whichever plan you choose, you will never be tied down to a contract with us.

You will get fantastic results! Your lawn will soon be a lush, green, weed free lawn with a noticeable difference after just one treatment.

Receive an exemplary level of service by phoning North Mundham Lawn Care Today on 01243 858 244 or 07795 236174.

Or you can simply enter your postcode in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and commence your lawn’s journey to green, weed free heaven.


The RHS has lots of great gardening information and advice for you at this time of the year…..Please just click here to find out more.