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Lawnscience Northampton

Kevin Sparks Lawnscience Northampton

Lawnscience Northampton are your local, friendly, and professional lawn care company.

We provide lawn treatment services for your lawns at a cost that is often far less than you might spend on those expensive and ineffective DIY products.

We will provide a FREE no-obligation survey and assessment of your lawn so that we can understand its current condition and any issues it may have. We can then advise and recommend a tailored annual treatment programme for you and your lawn.

We care for your lawn and offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee with each treatment. Take that first step to a beautiful lawn by giving Lawnscience Northampton a call and receive a FREE soil Conditioner with your first treatment.

Please call me today on Tel: 01604 965085 or enter your Post Code in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and get started to receive a FREE, no obligation On-Site Survey.

I have been a customer of Lawnscience for a number of years and always find them professional, helpful and reasonably priced. My lawn which could not be called a lawn initially has been transformed.

Testimonial from Mr Walter