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Rowlands Castle lawn careWelcome to Lawnscience Rowlands Castle Lawn Care. Your local lawn care company.


We serve the town of Rowlands Castle and the surrounding area including the towns and villages of Havant, Finchdean and Westbourne.

Rowlands Castle Lawn Care provides a professional, bespoke lawn care service to lawn owners who are becoming more and more frustrated with the inefficiency of DIY lawn care brands.

With the high quality training and certification that our professionals have access to, we provide a specialist lawn care service far more efficient and fit for purpose than the products purchased from the shops.

You can feel confident knowing our Services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


So, if you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will re treat your lawn completely free of charge.

If you would like us to relieve you of all the hard work involved in lawn care, so you just have cut the grass when required, please phone Rowlands Castle Lawn Care today on 01243 858 244 or 07795 236174.

We will arrange your FREE, NO OBLIGATION, ON-SITE SURVEY of your lawn. Our specialist will visit at a time to suit you and carry out a comprehensive survey of your lawn consisting of numerous tests designed to establish your lawn’s soil condition. We get down to the grass roots, so we can identify any underlying issues.

You will receive a lawn care solution designed to transform your lawn and to suit your budget. This solution will involve treating whatever is affecting your lawn, such as unwanted Moss, Weeds or Thatch.

You may have noticed an increase in birds feeding from your lawn. This is often an indication that your lawn may be suffering from nuisance lawn pests, such as Leatherjackets or Chafer Grubs. We can also rid your lawn of lawn diseases, such as Red Thread and Fusarium.

Whatever your lawn’s issue, you can rest assured we will only apply a treatment if it is really necessary and at the correct time of year.

Don’t be left behind by your neighbour’s great looking lawn. Just insert your postcode in our ‘Easy Way To A Great Lawn’ box and commence your lawn’s journey to green, weed free heaven.

Or Contact Rowlands Castle Lawn Care Today On: 01243 858 244 or 07795 236174. Let us transform your lawn for you!


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