Tardebigge Lawn Care

Rowney Green lawn careHi, I’m Scott Harrison and thank you for visiting us.
If you live in Tardebigge, or surrounding areas of Tutnall, Finstall and Broad Green then please contact us as we already provide a professional lawn care service in your area and would love to help you as well.
One of the comments most people say to us when we’re treating lawns is how much easier they find it compared to the worry they have when trying to apply DIY products. It may sound a little dramatic, but the fact is that although grass is robust it does endure periods of stress at certain times of the year. If too much product is applied than scorching can occur which in the worst-case scenario it can kill all or part of the lawn. The products we use are professional quality and our machines are calibrated to apply the correct dose for that time of year.
We are so confident in the products we use, that our service comes together with a 100% guarantee so that if you are not satisfied, we will complete the next treatment completely free.
I am not aware of another lawn company offering this level of customer satisfaction.
No matter your lawns condition from newly laid, to old and unloved we can improve the lawn to ensure its lush and weed free year-round.
If your lawn in Tardebigge requires more than treatments, we also complete what’s known as cultural processes such as lawn scarifications and aerations. These in conjunction with Over-seeding, Light Top Dressing, and Disease management ensure we have a solution for any lawn as we know the lawn is the centerpiece of any garden.
Due to customer demand, we also offer additional services to our customers, such as Lawn Ants, Driveway and Patio Cleaning along with Winter Gutter Clearing.
Please contact us on 01562 710 386 to arrange for a no-obligation lawn survey and let us help give you a lovely lawn.