West Yorkshire Lawn Care

Dean Goodall Lawnscience At Lawnscience we provide the highest quality lawn care services to residents of Leeds, Wetherby and Harrogate.
Call us today on 0113 436 1361. We’ll get an initial lawn survey organised promptly with you. This is a free no obligation survey, giving us the opportunity to have a good look at the lawn and recommend the right course of treatment to you.
No two lawns are the same so an effective lawn treatment plan needs to be bespoke to that lawn. Some lawns need serious help of course but often they need nothing more than a low cost regular weed control and fertiliser programme to help get them back in shape.
Lawn treatment plans are flexible throughout the year and can be adjusted to ensure that they closely match your own ambitions for your lawn.
Every fertiliser and weed control treatment through the year is different to reflect the changing needs of your lawn as the seasons’ pass. Be assured that we put on the right product at the right time to make the best possible impact on your lawn. With Lawnscience you can have a healthy and weed free lawn that looks good throughout the year.
Our lawn care technicians are experienced and knowledgeable, able to offer advice on any issues that might appear as the year passes. All our technicians are full-time employees and have the appropriate licences for the work that they carry out; we do not hire temporary staff and send them out to treat lawns.
So if your lawn isn’t looking as good as it should, if your weeds are getting on top or if your moss is taking hold, give us a call today on 0113 436 1361.
All Lawnscience treatments come with a 100% guarantee.