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Wokingham Lawn CareIf you would like to receive the best in local lawn care services, then contact your Lawnscience Wokingham lawn care professional. You could have your lawn transformed, using the latest in lawn care technology and specialised chemicals (unavailable to the public), to provide you with the lush green, weed-free lawn of your dreams!

If you’re looking for the very best local lawn care service in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, you should contact Adam at Lawnscience. Have your lawn transformed using the latest professional products and lawn care technology, giving you a lush green, weed-free lawn that can be the centre piece of your garden. Lawnscience specialises in full lawn renovation and repair as well as ongoing maintenance. If your lawn has been damaged by the recent hot dry summer, why not take advantage of our FREE comprehensive no-obligation lawn survey. You can get expert help and advice on how to nurse your lawn back to health, and work with us to design a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual goals and budget.
Adam, our fully qualified local lawn care expert, lives in Wokingham and has extensive knowledge of local conditions and soil structures. Why not have a specialist correct such issues such as moss and weed proliferation, excessive thatch, compaction, poor drainage and nutrient uptake, PH correction, anaerobic soil or low microbial population in the root zone. If you would simply like an honest appraisal of your lawns potential then get in touch. Adam will be happy to provide free advice, as well as make any recommendations for treatment. All the professional chemicals and fertilisers we use are tried and tested, top of the range branded products, and will give a far better result than off-the-shelf DIY solutions. We also provide a full range of cultural procedures, including
-Hollow-tine and Solid-tine aeration
If your lawn has a fungal disease such as red thread or fusarium we can deal with it, if your lawn is being damaged by an insect infestation such as leather jackets or chafer grubs you can have piece of mind knowing the experts are taking care of it. Whatever your lawn issues, be reassured that we will perform a full assessment to identify the specific problem and apply the correct solution to gain maximum results. Don’t forget all our lawn treatments are 100% guaranteed- this means if you are not entirely happy with any of our work we will re-treat your lawn free of charge. We provide a bespoke service tailored to your individual lawn, rather than a generic maintenance program, enabling us to be fully confident we can achieve the results you’re looking for. Above all, we pride ourselves on providing friendly, respectful service and aim to gain most of our business through recommendations and referrals rather than sales or marketing. You will not feel pressured into taking up any of our services when we visit we are mindful at all times of the fact you have invited us onto your property and act accordingly.

Call Adam on 0118 4050000 to take advantage of your FREE lawn survey, or you can drop him an
email at adam@lawnscience.co.uk

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