Burghfield Lawn Care

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You can rely on our comprehensive lawn care services for the most beautiful lush green and weed free lawn.
Do you enjoy your garden and wonder why it is so difficult to keep the lawn green and weed free.
Well worry no more as I have the answer for you. My name is Duncan Loyd and I own and operate Lawnscience Burghfield Lawn care offering professional lawn care services to Burghfield and surrounding areas of Reading.
I will undertake a free lawn care assessment and check your lawn for any issues and potential lawn pests. I can then offer tailored solutions to produce superior lawn results.
I look after all lawns no matter the size or condition of the turf and undertake lawn repairs such as over seeding to patches or badly damaged areas.
The types of weeds and feeds differ throughout the year and seasons and we only apply what is beneficial at that particular time of the year to help maintain a healthy lawn throughout the entire year.
So if you want to have green and weed free lawn all you need to do is call me on 0118 9150136 or 07432 669410