Goring Lawn Care

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Would you like a lovely lawn to be proud of but are unsure how to achieve this?

If you like the idea of a great looking lawn in Goring or have a lawn which you think nothing can be done with, I can help.

My name is Duncan Loyd and I own and operate Lawnscience Goring. I am dedicated to looking after the health of your lawn and provide lawn care services for the residents of Goring and surrounding areas including Pangbourne and Woodcote. I do not cut grass or undertake general garden maintenance but can work with a gardener if you already have one. I can provide lawn care for your lawn, which includes treatment programme all year round entailing applying a fertilizer, weed control and moss treatments.
In addition to this, I can also provide ongoing help and advice and will suggest if the lawn would benefit from other processes such as aeration and scarification. Aeration creates holes in the grass which directly help the grassroots, by removing stale Carbon Dioxide from the turf and allows fresh oxygen rich air to penetrate to the root system. Scarification removes what’s known as thatch from the turf which is made up of dead organic material and can be difficult to break down. Thatch can prevent the grass from growing and encourage lawn diseases.
Please give me a call on 0118 9150136 or 07432 669410 and I will provide a tailored and free quotation and survey specifically for your lawn and the best approach to ensure it looks as good as possible all year round.