Lawn Care Tips

What makes a great lawn?  Well, quite a few things really.  We know how much time and effort it takes to get a lush green and healthy lawn.  Everything from fertilising, dealing with weeds and moss to scarifying, over-seeding, aeration and soil conditioning, to name a few.  Quite often it can be overwhelming for lawn owners.  We look after thousands of satisfied customers’ lawns and deal with all types of  lawn care issues.

Here are a few lawn care tips on Mowing Lawns and Watering Lawns.

At Lawnscience we want to take the effort and hassle out of lawn care for you.  If there is a particular lawn care issue that is not covered on our website pages, please contact your local Lawnscience Professional as they are always happy to discuss any of your lawn care issues, and will provide really useful advice.