Lawn Issues

Woman talking on the phone while checking some lawn issuesKeeping your lawn in good condition can be as simple as maintaining its nutrient requirements by applying a regular, annual fertilisation programme. But there will be times when your lawn may need a little more support. There are several potential problems that lawns can suffer from such as weed growththatch build up, compaction, moss development, fungal disease and lawn and garden pest infestation to name just a few.

As part of our regular Lawn Treatment Programme our lawn care professionals will monitor your lawn for the development of any lawn issues that may potentially cause problems in the future.  We will keep you updated with regard to any issues found and propose how these can be managed to maintain the appearance and quality of your lawn.


If you have any concerns with regards to the quality of your lawn, now might be the time for you to take advantage of the Lawnscience lawn review service. One of our fully trained, lawn care professionals will be happy to arrange a free lawn review with you, during which they will identify the issue(s) and provide you with a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us.