Lawn infected with Fusarium lawn diseaseIf your lawn is developing relatively small yellow patches, which in a short period of time grow in size and merge together, changing to a darker brown colour, your lawn might well be infected with Fusarium patch.

Fusarium patch is a common fungal disease that attacks annual meadow grass (Poa annual), but can also affect fescues (Festuca species), bents (Agrostis species), and perennial rye-grass (Lolium perenne).

The fungus Monographella nivalis (formally Fusarium nivale) is one of the most damaging soil-based fungus of turf grasses and it can be hard to control. It is most frequently an issue on our lawns throughout Autumn and the colder Winter months. It can be triggered by heavy frosts and snow, hence the often used name, “Snow mould”.  Having said this it can be a problem on lawns at any time of the year.  It has been detected in the warmer months but a more rapid lawn growth is usually enough to keep the disease under control, it is more of an issue when the weather cools and grass growth slows.

The fungus requires surface moisture to infect the plant and soils that have a particular Alkaline PH level are more susceptible to Fusarium.

The Fungus is considered to be soil borne (meaning transmitted in or by soil), but will also survive on infected plants. It can be a stubborn problem that can survive temperatures of -20C and when the fungus decides conditions are favourable, usually between 12-19C,  it will begin to grow and become a real issue for your lawn. Initially, this growth is slow and can go undetected for several weeks, but once the conditions are right for the fungus it will spread very quickly. A lawn that looks green and healthy one minute can soon have the noticeable effects of Fusarium in as little as 24 hours.

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