Lawn Moss

Unhealthy looking lawn with lawn mossMost lawns will have trouble with moss at some stage as it thrives in damp conditions and UK winters tend to be damp, therefore managing moss can be an ongoing job.

Lawn Moss has no true roots and is reproduced by wind born primitive spores that require water to reproduce. In Spring, moss spreads by sending out new spores from last year’s plants. Mosses are quite adaptable at acquiring nutrients to survive, some mosses can absorb nutrients from water whilst other types can take nutrients directly from the soil or substrate on which they are growing.

Significant moss infestation within a lawn is an indication that the lawn is not healthy. Conditions such as shade, poor soil fertility, soil compaction or poor drainage cause the grass to thin out and it is then that moss grows in the space that is created. Therefore to solve the problem of lawn moss it is also necessary to resolve the underlying cause of the condition that encourages the infestation.

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