Gutter Cleaning Service

before and after photo of a gutter that has undergone a gutter cleaning serviceA Gutter cleaning service provides protection against blocked, leaking and overflowing gutters as well as blocked downpipes. Contact us NOW and protect yourself from high repair costs.


An essential part of looking after your home and protecting yourself from high repair costs is by keeping your guttering free from leaves and other debris.  A regular Gutter Cleaning service plays a vital role in the structural maintenance of your home.

When was the last time you had your guttering checked? If like most people,  you can’t remember, then right now is the time to get around to it. Keeping guttering cleaned round your home is the perfect way to avoid potentially costly expenses to your gutters and more importantly to the structural damage of your home.

Gutters have one important job; they guide the rainwater off your roof and straight down the drain. If your gutters become broken or clogged up, the results can be very serious.  As a result, you could end up with structural damage to your property and the resulting damp can cause health issues for you and your family.

A simple way to tell if you are in need of gutter repairs, is to take a step outside while it’s raining.  If water is running down the side of your house, it is most likely that your gutters are blocked and may even be sagging. This could be the result of your gutters holding heavy debris and water.

Our Gutter Cleaning Service deals with all types of debris such as:


• Leaves, including wet and compacted leaves
• Birds’ nests and accumulated bird droppings
• Plant debris such as moss
• Roof tile and brick debris

Leaking gutter joints are another very common problem. Leaks occur when debris gets caught in the joints.  Sometimes this is simply from general wear and tear. If you are experiencing damp in your home it’s a good idea to get your gutters checked out  first, as this may be the problem.

This essential service is completely external and does not require us to enter your home. All we ask is access around your property.

Gutters are often neglected as part of your home’s maintenance and the consequences result in external and internal damage to your home.


External Damage

Well maintained guttering is essential for the long-term survival of your home’s structure. Water is one of the worst causes of damage to buildings. Unfortunately, it is not always recognised until it is too late, because the damage becomes advanced and very costly to repair.

• Water running down the sides of your home  slowly erodes brickwork
• Saturated external surfaces will expose the structure to an increase of damage caused by frost and ice
• Water running off the walls will saturate the ground below, eventually damaging foundation structures
• Poorly maintained gutters will become damaged as a result of build up of water
• Guttering will eventually collapse and cause damage to the structure anchor points

Internal damage

The damage caused to your home’s internal structure occurs gradually and is often an unseen consequence of poorly maintained gutters. Because of this, damage can be severe and costly.

• Overflowing gutters will allow water past fascia boards and flow onto the internal roof area
• Mould and other fungal growths on internal surfaces
• Water seeping through onto internal surfaces and into cavity spaces
• Damp can provide ideal environments for insect populations
• Development of rising damp

Here are some great reasons why you should contact your local Lawnscience professional to carry out a Gutter Cleaning Service for your home.


• Saves you taking any risks climbing ladders and doing the gutter cleaning work yourself
• Saves money in the long term by preventing costly repairs to gutters and your home
• Peace of mind, knowing that you are maintaining and looking after a vital part of your home’s drainage system


Want to discuss a Gutter Cleaning service for your home? Why not take advantage of the Lawnscience Survey service? Our fully trained professionals will arrange a FREE survey with you and provide a fully costed solution for you to consider. To take advantage of this opportunity just contact us today.


* Gutter Cleaning Services are not offered by all Lawnscience locations, please check with your local office.