Lawn Moles

Are you and your family looking forward to spending time outdoors in your garden this Summer? If you are like many lawn owners, you may have some things that are spoiling your lawn, such as Moles. We see a lot of Mole damage in lawns and other turfed areas and they are of course a Greenkeepers nemesis.

Moles are solitary creatures that live in a system of tunnels, feeding on insects and earthworms that fall into their tunnels. To the majority of gardeners they are a real pest, especially in lawns! They can quickly establish themselves in a location due to their ability to burrow up to 4 metres an hour, creating complex tunnel systems. Imagine the damage that would be caused to your lawn.

Moles do not feed on the grass leaves however they will eat the root system, which can affect the growth and appearance of your lawn. Even small populations of Moles can do considerable damage to all sorts of turfed areas.

There are not many varieties of Moles (Talpa europaea), only about 30 species exist around the World. The majority of which will have very similar habits. These small mammals will spend their entire lives below the surface of the ground, tunnelling and tearing up lawns and gardens in their quest for food. They are active year round, 24/7, though they tend to be most active in the Spring and Autumn. Generally, moles will create surface tunnels or ridges in the top 6 to 12 inches of the ground as this contains the largest food supply. During the winter, moles burrow deeper into the soil searching for food.

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