Lawn Scarification

A man holding a lawn equipment doing lawn scarification serviceIs Thatch spoiling the look of your lawn?  If so, a Lawn Scarification is the best solution. CONTACT US NOW for your FREE Lawn Review and let us take the hard work out of lawn care for you.


Lawns that are not scarified on a regular basis can develop excessive thatch, which is a layer of dead and decaying organic matter lying on top of the root zone. Whilst a moderate level of thatch, half an inch or less, can be beneficial, in that it provides a home for beneficial microorganisms, too much thatch can have a detrimental effect on the grass plant by reducing the availability of moisture and nutrients to the root zone. The resulting effect is weak growth, leading to a poor quality lawn.

Thatch can be removed from the lawn’s surface by a process called Scarification. This process is carried out with a powerful mechanical scarifier, which drives a series of sharp blades just into the thatch layer of the lawn, removing the thatch. As well as removing thatch, scarification also provides an element of aeration, improving drainage and disease tolerance, and will also reduce sponginess if present in the lawn. After the scarifier has done its work, the thatch is moved to the surface of the lawn. It can then be raked out and bagged for disposal or composting.

Choosing the correct time to scarify your lawn is important; the process should only be carried out when grass is actively growing in Spring or Autumn, which allows the lawn time to recover from what can be a stressful process.

Scarification provides a great opportunity to invigorate your lawn. New grass seed can be over-seeded into your lawn after scarification, which will promote quicker recovery and thicken your lawn.

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